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Our philosophy is simple: the best way to buy wine is to taste it first.

Only you know what you like

Wine is wonderfully subjective and difficult to describe. Don’t rely on what you read on the label – it is just marketing spin. Don’t rely on what the experts think – they can only describe what they like. At Finborough Wine Café you’ll never buy a wine that turns out to be anything less than delicious because you get to try it before you buy.

Explore and discover new wines

Tasting allows you to explore different varieties, different styles and different regions without the hassle and expense of reading about and buying lots of wines you may not like. At Finborough Wine Café you can explore ten wines for just £9 (free if you buy 12 or more bottles for home, any mix).

Tasting is fun

Tasting wine is great fun. If you’ve never done it before our knowledgeable staff will guide you through each wine. Bring along a few friends and you’ll have a great time and find some amazing wines to buy.

Tasting saves you money

How often have you bought a bottle of wine at an off-licence or from a web site on the basis that, "this looks good", only to find that, on popping the cork at home, it turned out to be "not so good"? 

Think about the true cost of buying wines without tasting them first.  If you include the cost of all the dud wines a normal off-licence or web site sells you, then the true cost of the good wines you discover is a lot higher.  All those rubbery "3 for 2" offers and "20% offs" aren't much good when you're drinking a bad wine. 

At Finborough Wine Cafe you'll never take home a dud wine because you can taste the wine before you buy.  That is simply the best way to save money buying wine!


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